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Getting fit and healthy doesn’t have to be inconvenient or time-consuming. Here are eight ways to sneak in a workout, no matter how busy you might be.

1. Stand up as much as possible.

Sitting all day could be almost as dangerous as smoking cigarettes. Dramatic? Yes. But according to a study by the American Cancer Society, sitting is deadly in excess. Men who sit for six hours or more have a 17% greater risk of death from major diseases, while women face a 37% increase – even if they set aside time for exercise! Sedentary men have an even greater mortality rate of 48%, while sedentary women have it worse with a 94% increase. Since those statistics are grim, you should take action with these three ways to get off your bum:

  • Spend a lot of time on the phone? Take customer calls while standing up.
  • Have a meeting? Forget the conference room. Take your staff outside for a walk and talk.
  • Work on a laptop? Stack several hardcover books together, put your computer on top, and work upright.

2. Stretch into the day for better posture.

It can be hard to avoid hunching over if your job requires you to be chained to a desk. Since sitting is a necessary evil of our modern workplace, why not perform a few yoga poses to improve your posture every morning? The sunrise salutation would be a great way to get started (link leads to YouTube videos showing how it is done).

3. Recharge with a refreshing walk after lunch.

Do you ever feel so sleepy after lunch that you wish you could curl up under your desk and take a nap? If so, it might be helpful to take a walk outside before you clock back in. A healthy dose of sunshine will supply your body with Vitamin D, which will help you conquer the rest of your day with increased focus and alertness.

4. Challenge your friends to join you for a game.

If you’re a competitive spirit, challenge a few close friends to join you for a pick-up basketball game after work. You could also call your local YMCA and inquire about joining a basketball league, or set up a weekly bowling match with your co-workers (loser buys dinner!).

5. Organize your gym gear before you get ready for bed.

It’s a lot easier to hit the gym in the morning if you prepare for success. Pack your gym bag every night before sleep to make it less likely you will play the, “I woke up too late,” card. Put your gym shoes and socks next to your bed for bonus points. If you workout in the evening, get in the habit of keeping your active gear in your car.

6. Explore as many activities as you please with a friend or training buddy.

Fitness is more fun with friends. If having a training buddy will help you stay accountable, call up a close one and ask them if they would like to go to an exercise class with you after work. Yoga in the park? Salsa in a studio? Martial arts in a dojo? The possibilities are endless!

7. Dance wildly and without regret in the privacy of your home.

Living alone can be lonely sometimes, but it does have its perks; my personal favorite is the ability to crank up some upbeat tunes and dance like a wild person. You could even make monotonous activities like chores and meal preparation more fun by busting a move while you get things done.

8. Build your upper body strength during commercial breaks.

Did you know it is possible to watch television and build a stronger body at the same time? True story. Since no one pays attention to commercials anyway, let’s make them productive. Perform a set of push-ups during every commercial break. If you can’t do a real push-up, do them with your hands against your wall or kitchen counter. Do this consistently and you’ll be doing real ones before you know it!

I hope these tips help you make exercise more fun and convenient. You also might be helped by these seven compelling questions to consider before making a training plan. Thanks for reading!

About the Author

Daniel Wallen is the CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer) of the Wallen Way. He is a personal trainer, Lifehack contributor, and author of, “The Busy Woman’s Guide to Getting Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous.”


  1. I like to walk in airports when I’m traveling. Lots of room to stretch out and time to kill

  2. I also work on posture exercise and stretching when waiting for a patient.

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