The Motivation Alliance is an empowerment tool: a way for you to take control of your future health by leveraging the power of personal health metrics and advanced wellness education.

Personal Health Metrics

Personal Health Metrics, found on your Alliance web site, are measurement and tracking tools that let you quantify your progress toward positive, glowing health and fitness. By giving you hard numbers and instant feedback, we eliminate the guesswork inherent in trying to achieve better health. We also go far beyond the simple, one-dimensional programs like calorie trackers or running programs by providing comprehensive, multi-measurement assessments. Among other measures, you can track

  • calories burned in exercise
  • calories consumed via diet
  • blood pressure history
  • upper body strength
  • lower body strength
  • body fat
  • cardiovascular condition
  • hip-forward flexibility
  • best performance on any strength measure
  • best cycling or running times per mile/km
  • personal goal setting and adherence
  • overall lifestyle risk
  • a “True Age” assessment
  • and more

Best of all, the entire program is bundled in a “gamified” and social health enhancement program that let’s you share your journey with others on the same quest. If you are working with a coach, he or she will have a dashboard that let’s them see your progress and tools to intervene to help you stay on course.

Advanced Wellness Education

This sister site,, provides the information and inspiration that you’ll need to keep your program on track. In it, we report on the latest literature and ideas for helping you meet your full potential. We aren’t beholden to any pharmaceutical company, food or diet program, or exercise equipment. We take no advertisers and have nothing to sell. Our entire business succeeds only if you find value in the tools and information that we provide. In the end, our entire focus is on you and on helping you to find high-quality tools, information and inspiration that can drive change for the better in your life. We hope that you stick with us on the journey to amazing health.


Mark Brittingham, Ph.D.

9 Replies to “About the Alliance”

  1. in january i was included in a chance to become loose weight competing against my co workers,a biggest loser contest.the cost,3.00 a week with two winners at the end of june. so i figured what the heck, the only thing i could loose was some weight right!
    so i started with salad,veggies,and fruit.
    no pop,bread,pasta,or junk food.then i found Franks Red hot sauce.
    and from that point i started to put that stuff on everything i ate.
    well i did’nt know this but i started loosing fat.which got me moving,and i started walking.not just around the block but around town.the more i lost the longer my walks were.
    and i would push myself to move. like not raking dead limbs up but picking them up by hand,
    i would eat a banana with peanut butter before bed time, and again for breakfest.
    and again more fat burning going on. by the end of june, weigh in one last time i lost not only weight but body fat,and inches. i lost 30# and 12.2% body fat.which i see now when i have to tighten my belt all the way to the last hole and my waist measures 36” and i feel better.

    1. Maybe you are due for a rest day Kurt? Perhaps skip the swim one day and just go for an easy walk in the woods. Recovery is where the real fitness occurs as your body adapts and prepares itself for the next time you put it through that workload. Recovery doesn’t mean sitting on the couch eating chips and undoing everything you’ve worked for – it can be an easy day that incorporates some motion like stretching or walking.

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