For many companies, spring step challenges are very popular. We run our own team challenges in-house and are currently running a spring step challenge ourselves.

You’ve probably heard the common tips for getting more steps in your day: park far away from the building, take the stairs, walk while you’re on the phone, etc.

That’s a good start but here’s the secret sauce for how to win a company step challenge: be as completely INEFFICIENT as physically possible.

You heard right.

Total and utter inefficiency is the key.

Be the most foolish of steppers.

Don’t refill your water bottle and go to the bathroom in one trip away from your desk. (Though, we get it, sometimes one does trigger the other.)

Instead, get up, go to the loo, return to your desk, grab your bottle and then head to the water cooler.

Need to drop off an envelope at the front desk? Go out the back door, walk around the building and deliver your goods to the front, the long way.

This applies to stepping at home as well.

Doing laundry? If your washing machine is on a different floor, work those stairs. Up and down for every little thing means lots of extra steps and a clear path to victory for you.

I personally like to trek to the basement, throw in a load, then head back up the two flights to the kid’s bedrooms and troll for that last dirty t-shirt I know is lurking under the bed. Once found, you got it, I trek all the way back down to the basement and throw it in the washer.

Dinner time? Walk your plate to the table. Then go back to the kitchen for a glass of water and take it to the table. Then go get your fork. Maybe make another trip for a napkin. Need salt and pepper? Get stepping.

Whatever makes the most logical sense to save you time and energy, do the total opposite.

It’s not glamorous, and honestly, it can be a little exasperating at times, but I’ve already hit my 10K goal and the day is only half over.

To my competitors out there: I am a super-inefficient-stepping-fool.

Bring it.

Got a good tip for getting in extra steps? If you’re not afraid of giving away your secrets, tell us in the comments below.

Good luck!

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  1. Beck tells me I am the king of inefficient stepping/movement so watch out! I might even be inefficiently taking steps while writing this comment….

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