Are you due for a comeback this year?

Maybe you’re coming back from injury or illness. Maybe you’ve been sidelined by work. Maybe you’ve gotten distracted from a goal you’ve been holding onto for a while: losing weight, quitting smoking, getting a promotion.

We all have setbacks when it comes to attaining a goal.

Progress may stop and your motivation may go running for the hills. Your ego may take a hit and you may be left with feelings of fear, doubt, or hopelessness.

But everybody loves a good comeback story. Is this the year for yours?

The recipe for a good comeback has 4 parts:


A setback is just that, a temporary change in forward momentum towards your goal. Keep your thoughts in alignment with this. You are not a failure. It is not the end of the world. There is always another chance to try again, or if there truly isn’t, you can always change your goal.

Whatever the case, keep your thoughts rational versus irrational and realistic versus exaggerated. Try to take the emotion out of a setback.


Once you become aware you don’t like where you are and something needs to change, you still need to accept where you are now. You may not like this part but its important. It requires being vulnerable and letting go of your ego.

It may mean starting over and swallowing some humble pie. Maybe you are walking now instead of running. Keep in mind, most people are not judging you – they are too busy worrying about their own goals.


Now, take a moment to pause and reassess your goals and priorities. A setback offers an opportunity to really look at your path and decide what’s next. Based on what stopped your prior progress, what needs to change: the goal itself or your approach to it?

What needs to change to set you up for success the next time you try?


Change starts with you, not your circumstances. Once your goal is clarified, it’s time to take it one step, one day, one little micro-comeback at a time. You have today. Right now. Start with one simple action. One thing to move you towards your goal.

Patience and perseverance aren’t very glamorous, but they are what will get you where you want to go. If you choose to continue to take those little actions, no matter how small, profound changes will result.

Whether you are just going through a little motivational slump or a bigger, forced lay-off from achieving your goal, the decision to make a comeback is yours and yours alone. The effort to make it work is also within your reach.

So you decide:

Is this your year?

Is now the time to make the change you want to see?

Inspire others and let us know in the comments!

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