Oh The Shapes You Take

Feel like your body is out of balance? Do you get stuck in positions that cause pain?

There are lots of little things we constantly do which over time can create muscle imbalances.

The key is to be aware of the shapes in which you place your body and the strain it may cause. Let this awareness spur you to continually move through these shapes before they cause imbalance and pain.

Scan this list for things that might be throwing you off.  Can you think of others? Add them to the comments!



20 thoughts on “Oh The Shapes You Take”

  1. Writing with the same hand,
    Winking only one eye
    Tapping one foot to music
    Combing the hair to one side
    the list is endless

  2. I don’t like this new wellness to hard to find out how to put in workouts. the old one was easy and quick this time consuming.

    1. I agree, I have my Garmin synced to the site, but it will not update when I sign on. No links to message anyone about it. Same with MyFitness Pal.

  3. I would like to send a “points vault”.
    I cannot find the daily challenges.
    I hope they can make this site a little more user friendly.

  4. Always carry purse on rt shoulder
    Stand with wt on one leg
    Agree this site is difficult to use

    1. good advice 🙂 and agree with the new website not being easy to navigate.

  5. Balance? Always a challenge -but necessary to try to achieve– as long as you realize that some days you will and some days you won’t. Is that a “balance” in itself?

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