Too Much of a Good Thing?

The Alliance is all about staying active, eating well and finding ways to manage stress. But is it possible to get too much of a good thing? Well, it turns out that the answer is “YES”!

With respect to exercise, Dr James O’Keefe, a preventive cardiologist with Saint Luke’s Health System in Kansas City, has done an amazing job of pulling together research that explains how long-term endurance exercise (marathons, centuries, triathlons, etc.) may do more harm than good. His “TED” talk, Run For Your Life! is well worth the watch – especially if you are considering training for a marathon or other extreme event.

Note that Dr. O’Keefe has had his detractors. I have read the detractors, considered their critique, and concluded that Dr. O’Keefe still has the better argument.

When it comes to your diet, Jennifer Iserloh (aka “The Skinny Chef”) talks about the pursuit of the “perfect diet” on Dr. Manny’s Health Talk show.  I really like Jennifer’s take on how the pursuit of perfection can become so obsessive as to enter the realm of “othorexia.”

Of course, I hope that you’ll still make every effort to stay active and choose healthy foods! There is no question whatsoever that doing so will help extend your healthy years, give you greater confidence, and boost your immune system.  So watch and enjoy, then get to the gym!

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