Only 326 more days to go!
^^^^ Only 326 more days to go! ^^^^

Today we’d like to take a break from science and fitness information to bring you a story about inspiration.

Our previous post pointed out the trappings and failings of making new year’s resolutions and the power in setting goals. Taking my own advice, I set one single, simple, measurable goal this year:


My rules are simple: move everyday in a manner that raises my heart rate for at least 10 minutes. It can be a walk around the block, time at the gym or a run for several miles.

It’s not meant to be an aggressive, hardcore, “rest is for the weak” kind of mantra.

It is about taking away my ability to make excuses.

It makes my goal about simply (and consistently – without fail) doing something.

It means even when the temperature has dropped and it’s dark and snowing outside and it’s 9pm at night before my day ends, I will still put on a hat and gloves and go because I haven’t missed a day yet and I’m not about to let something silly keep me from crossing today off on my calendar as a goal met.

It doesn’t have to be perfect or a grand gesture of fitness. It just has to happen. Every time I have set out to just get in 10 minutes, it feels so good to be moving that it always turns into more – even if it’s just 15 minutes instead of 10.

But this is not the inspiring part.  Stick with me here.

This morning, the “feel like” temperature was 19 degrees (it’s January as I write this) and it was tough to get motivated to get out the door. I drank a quick cup of tea, put on my cold weather gear, tried not to think about it too much and headed out for a quick run. Keyword quick.

I texted my husband to let him know what I was up to:


His response made me realize sometimes it’s not about motivating yourself to meet a goal, it’s about supporting others in their fitness aspirations. He could have responded to me in any number of ways that would have made me feel guilty for leaving him and my warm cozy house on a Saturday morning to go run.  Instead, he supported me with three little words.

Go. Get. It.

Those three words meant so many things:

You can do this.

I believe in you.

More importantly, I support you.

Lifted and empowered, my “quick” run turned into more and I got a leg up on my standing in our WINter Time minutes of exercise team challenge at work (yes, we play in our team challenges too – shout out to the Thawing Snowmen!  Let’s get after those Pumped Up Penguins!)

Words have power and can mean all the difference to others. Choose yours wisely and use them to support and inspire others to build healthy habits and reach their goals.  You never know when a simple string of letters can mean the world to a fellow goal setter!

Now, go get it. 😉

Do you have your own inspirational story? If you’re going after goals this year, we would love to hear how you both aspire and inspire. Email me at if you are willing to share.




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  1. I love this! I’ve been step counting this week & it made me realize that I need to keep moving, all day, every day! I feel so much better when I’ve been moving and reached my goals! 🙂

  2. A lunch break 15 -20 nature walk down street from PCFO a quiet dead end road with only 3 house far back from the main road only trees and birds & the sound of cars on 421from a distance. Ahh commune with nature.. My kind of Mantra

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