Women’s History Month celebrations were first officially recognized as “Women’s History Week” by the US Federal government in 1981, before being expanded to the entire month of March in 1987. Since then, March has been a time for recognizing and celebrating the strong, independent, and passionate women in our lives.

As Women’s Month commences, let’s take the time to remind the incredible women in our lives how much they are loved, appreciated, and valued – not just with words, but with actions! Let’s get moving together!

Here are 10 fun activities that you can do as you spend quality time while still being active with the incredible women in your life:

  • Group Fitness Classes

Yoga, Zumba, and other fitness classes are fantastic ways to bond with the women in your life while staying active. Sweating it out together can strengthen our bodies and relationships. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the schedule of your local gym, wellness facility or yoga studio and get started!

  • Hiking Adventures

Hiking offers a cool breeze, fresh air, and a bit of adventure – all while taking in the natural beauty of the world around you. Whether it’s a romantic date, or quality time with your mother, sister, or daughter, an outdoor adventure is the perfect way to embrace the outdoors as the weather warms. Choose a scenic trail, pack some snacks, and hit the path with the best women in your life! Cameras may take good pictures, but moments like these create the best memories.

  • Dance Parties

Moving and grooving are the perfect combination for building relationships with the women in your life. Turn up the music and have a dance party. Whether it’s classical music, throwback disco, hip-hop, jazz, or even a TikTok dance, getting together to show off your moves will give you fun memories to look back on forever. Grab your shoes ladies, we’re going dancing!

  • Charity Runs/Walks

Women’s empowerment is a primary theme for Women’s History Month, so why not make beautiful activities meaningful as well? Participating in a charity run or walk is not only a great way to stay active but also a purposeful way to give back to your community. Choose a cause that you support and lace up your sneakers for a day of fitness and kindness!

  • Rock Climbing

Women face different challenges every day, but rock climbing usually isn’t one of them. Challenge yourselves with indoor or outdoor rock climbing! It is a thrilling activity that requires trust, communication, and teamwork as you conquer new heights!

  • Indoor Trampoline Park

Buy some tickets at the nearest trampoline park! Release your inner child and bounce around together. Jumping, flipping, and laughing together is a fantastic way to bond and get your heart pumping. Let’s bounce the night away!

  • Karaoke Singing

Have you ever dreamed of being a superstar? Here’s your chance! Not only is singing great for your lungs, it also burns calories too! So, grab a microphone, put on your favorite karaoke song, and show us what you got! Sing your heart out!

  • Basketball Game Date

If you have a basketball hoop and a ball or there is one at a local park, challenge your ladies to a friendly game, and they might surprise you. Dribbling, passing, and even shooting, women are up for it! Create big memories with little moments like this!

  • Hula Hoop Contest

See who can keep it spinning! Challenge each other to a hula hoop contest and learn fun tricks like waist hooping, arm hooping, and hand hooping. While it’s not the newest game out there, it will definitely bring out your inner child. No more oops with hula hoops!

  • Beach Volleyball

Do you enjoy the sea, sand, and sun? Let’s keep it up with beach volleyball! Whether you’re playing casually or competitively, beach volleyball is a good way to soak up the sun and enjoy the fun. Beach volleyball can build strength, mobility, cardio capacity, and endurance and, done long enough, will burn up a ton of calories!

As important as Women’s History Month is, it should serve as a reminder to appreciate the amazing women our lives for the rest of the year as well. Just as they show up to support us, look after us, and love us every day, we should remember to celebrate them every day. Let’s show our appreciation for their hard work by moving, grooving, and supporting each other on our journey towards health, happiness, and empowerment. Don’t forget to thank them and spend time with them.

Salute to all the women out there! Happy Women’s History Month!

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