Don’t Lose Your Balance! Prevent ACL Tears & Other Knee Injury

balance exercise, ACL, knee injury preventionACL tears have become one of the most common injuries for athletes and weekend warriors alike.  According to renowned orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist Dr. Nicholas DiNubile, although some ACL tears are the result of an acute traumatic event, more and more ACL tears are the result of repetitive stresses and “weak links” in our body. These “weak links” stem from muscle weakness or imbalances, poor biomechanics, compromised proprioception (the body’s internal balance and coordination mechanisms), and even gender (female athletes are 4-5 times more likely to tear ACLs than males). Continue reading

Exercise For Healthy Bones

exercise for healthy bones, bone healthDid you know that most of the adult skeleton is completely replaced about every 10 years? We tend to think of our bones as constants, like a steel framework for a building, but in actuality, the human skeleton is being continuously broken down and restored throughout life. This process of continual reshaping and rebuilding bone is called remodeling. Just like a dilapidated old house or an outdated room, we can redesign, restore and renew our skeleton to a level equal to or greater than before.

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Go Nuts For Your Health

nuts, health benefits of nuts, nutrition, healthy snacksNuts and seeds pack a powerful punch of protein, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats, which provide numerous positive effects on your heart, brain, joints and waistline. Just a handful a day (1 oz.) of almonds, walnuts, pistachios, pecans, peanuts, sunflower or pumpkin seeds deliver hunger satisfying fiber and protein along with immune boosting, anti-inflammatory vitamins and minerals. Continue reading

Chair Squats to Combat Effects of Prolonged Sitting and Tone Your Legs

chair squat, squat, excercise, in office workoutIt only takes a minute to improve your circulation, combat the negative effects of prolonged sitting, and tone your lower body. You don’t need any special equipment or fitness expertise. Just stand up in front of your chair wherever you are and get started!

Chair squats strengthen and tone the quads, hamstrings, and glutes, while also improving balance and stability and increasing circulation. Continue reading

Happy Heart Month! Strength Training for a Healthy Heart

heart month, heart healthFebruary is the month for Valentine’s Day and all things heart-shaped – and it’s also American Heart Month!

Keeping a healthy heart isn’t just about running. Strength training yields significant cardiovascular system benefits and can reduce the risk of heart disease and other conditions. So get pumped to keep your heart pumping!

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Keep Your 2014 Fitness Resolutions with SMART Goals

New Years ResolutionA new year and new resolutions. New Year’s is a natural milestone that prompts us to reflect, to plan and to aspire. If you’re like the majority of lifestyle resolution makers, you started 2013 with the best of intentions to “lose weight,”  “eat healthier,” or “exercise more,” but now at the start of 2014 find the results fell short of your aspirations. Surveys indicate that over 50% of us make resolutions but only 10% keep them, in part because the resolutions themselves weren’t well thought out. So here are some tips for setting and keeping your resolutions for a healthier you! Continue reading

But I am too old to exercise!

Seniors walking
During the last century, dramatic improvements in life expectancy have been achieved in many countries worldwide. In the United States, for example, life expectancy (or the number of years a newborn baby can expect to live) has increased from 47 to nearly 76 years during the 1900s, and is expected to exceed 82 years by the year 2050.

In simple terms, the baby boomers are getting old, a phenomenon many experts call the “age wave.” In 1900, for example, only 40 percent of Americans lived beyond age 65, while in 1990 this proportion had risen to 80 percent. Continue reading

Managing Arthritis Pain

More than 40 million people suffer from some form of arthritis, and Person Doing Tai Chi experts say each person experiences pain differently.

Arthritis literally means fire in the joints.
Though there’s no cure, there are ways to douse the flames. The individualized nature of the disease, which has 100 distinct forms, means that what works
for your neighbor might not work for you. But take heart: Working closely with your health care professional, you can develop a plan to help manage the pain.
Your plan might include one or more of the following components: Continue reading

On Cardiovascular Capacity, Health and Fitness

Fitness Assessment is the art of measuring your personal fitness status using tests of cardiovascular capacity, body fat, strength and flexibility.  The Motivation Alliance web site (our gamified health and fitness platform) permits you to enter personal results in all of these areas to see where you stand and to track your improvements.

While it is quite common for people to be focused on body fat, the most important test of the group is actually cardiovascular capacity (otherwise known as VO2Max, aerobic power, or maximum aerobic capacity).   Continue reading