On Temptation: To Succeed, Prepare For The Worst

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What is your kryptonite?

If you’re overconfident in your ability to make healthy choices, your compliance could suffer. You might wonder how that can be. Isn’t confidence a good thing? Yes . . . to a point. We all have weaknesses. Failing to acknowledge them could lead to blind spots. Temptation is easier to manage when you’re honest about what you can and cannot handle.

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The Health Halo and How You’re Sabotaging Your Fitness Progress


Here’s an interesting paradox: people who eat at Subway tend to consume more calories than people who eat at McDonald’s. How can that be? You’ll find out soon enough. If you want to stick with a healthy lifestyle, then you need to get out of your own way. Here are five surprising ways you’re sabotaging your fitness progress.
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5 Surprising Benefits of Exercising with Your Partner

being together picValentine’s Day may be a distant memory but relationships don’t bide by a calendar. Who says dating has to involve food and drinks? Active dates will help you grow closer to your partner and a walk in the park can be just as rewarding as time in a fancy restaurant. Need more convincing? Check out these five surprising benefits of exercising with your partner. I’ll also share four practical considerations to help you get started. Continue reading

No Negativity Allowed: 6 Ways to Be a Positive Influence for the People You Love

Father and DaughterHave you ever had a role model who inspired you to become a better version of yourself? If so, you know positive influences can make a huge difference in your life. It’s nice to have somebody to look up to, especially when you’re struggling with a difficult situation. If you’d like to return the favor to your friends and family, check out these six ways to be a positive influence for the people you love. Continue reading

7 Things to Remember When You Don’t Feel Like Exercising

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Sometimes it isn’t easy to convince yourself to exercise. Grueling hours and hectic days can leave you feeling so exhausted that working out is the last thing you want to do. Sound familiar? Please know you’re not alone. According to the CDC, less than half of American adults are getting enough exercise. If you don’t feel like exercising, these seven things might motivate you to get off the couch. Continue reading

If You Want to Achieve Your New Years Resolution, Don’t Make These 5 Common Mistakes

New year 2015Wow. Is it 2015 already? It’s funny how time seems to fly by faster and faster with every passing year. Most people will use this opportunity to pause and reflect about their place in the world. Roughly 45% of them will resolve to improve their life in some way. Only 8% of them will achieve their new years resolution. If you want to be one of the few who succeed, watch out for these five common mistakes. Continue reading

Eat that Ham without Regret: A Sane and Simple Way to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

Holiday HamImagine a gorgeous holiday feast is sitting right in front of you. A juicy ham. Your aunt’s world-famous deviled eggs. More tasty pies than you can count. Drooling yet? Even the best of us would have a difficult time controlling ourselves under such conditions. It is okay to enjoy yourself during a Christmas feast, but you need to be mindful of these four mistakes if you want to prevent holiday weight gain. Continue reading

Forget the Scale: a More Empowering Way to Track Your Fitness Progress

Have you ever stepped on a scale and felt traumatized upon seeing the result? It’s Woman Working Outamazing how much emotional weight we attach to our physical weight. While this number can be a useful progress tracking measure, some people get so obsessed that it is better to discard the scale for a more empowering option. Click ahead to learn how focusing on strength can make exercise a more encouraging experience. Continue reading

Leave Nothing Left to Chance: How to Plan Ahead for Healthy Choices

TrackShoesThe more you leave open to chance, the more likely you will give in to temptation and the more bad choices you will make. I keep a water bottle in my car, because I will get dehydrated if I don’t. I prepare a full week of meals every Sunday, because it would be a hassle to have to cook every day. I prepare a training routine for six weeks at a time, because that’s less stressful than making it up as I go. If I didn’t plan ahead, making healthy choices would quickly become inconvenient. My compliance would suffer as a consequence. Click ahead and I’ll teach you how to plan ahead for healthy choices. Continue reading

Vague Goals Are Worthless, or Why You Should Stop Saying “I’ll Work Out Next Monday”

Talk is cheap. Action is priceless. If you say things like, “I will work out next Monday,” but Woman4never seem to follow through, then I’m talking to you. You’re having this problem because, while your goal is a good one, it doesn’t include a specific means to achieve it. Thus, you have set yourself up for failure from the start. If you would like to end this cycle of disappointment, please read ahead to find out why vague goals are worthless (and what you should do instead). Continue reading