Don’t Call It A Resolution

This year, create goals instead of resolutions.

This year, create goals instead of resolutions.

As you take down your 2015 puppies and kittens calendar to put up something new and equally adorable for 2016, January feels like a good time to start fresh. So begins a new year, a new month, a new day. We pack away the holidays and plan to “get back on track.”

A few weeks ago roughly forty-five percent of Americans made resolutions vowing to do things like exercise more, lose weight, eat more vegetables, pay off debt, etc.

As a point of reference, only one third of Americans will watch the Super Bowl.

That’s a lot of resolve, however, of those making resolutions, only 8% will be successful.

Why do resolutions tend to fail? It’s in their (lack of) structure. Continue reading

Enjoy Yourself Without Regret: Simple Ways to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

Holiday HamImagine a gorgeous holiday feast is sitting right in front of you. A juicy ham. Your aunt’s world-famous deviled eggs. More tasty pies than you can count. Drooling yet? Even the best of us would have a difficult time controlling ourselves under such conditions. It is okay to enjoy yourself during a Christmas feast, but you need to be mindful of these four mistakes if you want to prevent holiday weight gain. Continue reading

The Cold Hard Truth: 8 Reasons to Get Outside this Winter (and tips for making it happen!)

Well, it’s officially December. As the temperatures start to drop and we get closer to December 21st, days shorten, daylight gets scarce and so does our motivation to exercise. While you may have been on a roll with your exercise routine during the warmer spring, summer and fall months, many exercise routines get pushed to the side once the busy-ness of the holidays and the cold short days of winter slip in.

Instead of hibernating this winter season, challenge yourself to stay active and continue to get outside. Why you might ask? There are many reasons: Continue reading

The Edge of Less Stress

The-Edge-of-Less-StressClose your eyes and for a moment and take an imaginary ride with me.

Imagine you are in a roller coaster perched at the edge of the first big drop. You sit back in your seat and feel the harness strapped securely around you. All you can see before you is blue sky. Sitting in your imaginary coaster car, look around. What do you see? While some people have their eyes squeezed shut as they white knuckle the bar in front, others have their hands in the air grinning like a dog with a juicy bone.

How about you? Is your stomach in knots? Are your muscles clenched? Can you hear your pulse racing in your head? Have you broken into a cold sweat?  What is your level of stress? Continue reading

How To Sleep Like A Hero


What is the one thing that can make you slimmer, healthier, smarter, better-looking and even super human without ever lifting a finger?


Like an awesome red cape that protects us from disease, chaos, and bad choices, sleep effects the way we look, feel, perform and impacts our quality of life. Continually not getting enough effects our quality of life, impairs judgment, decreases productivity, shortens memory and in short, makes us unpleasant to be around. Continue reading

Positive Body Image: What’s On Your Mind?

Blank notepad with red heart on wood backgroundSummer is almost here and with a rise in temperature comes weekends on the water, nights at the ball field, and tan lines. A season typically known for its carefree vibe, the warm summer sunshine has a way of lifting spirits even after the gloomiest winters.

The increase in heat also means a decrease in clothing. Shorts, tank-tops, and swimsuits are commonplace come summertime, and while they are a great way to keep cool, baring even modest amounts of skin can leave some feeling overexposed, anxious, and self conscious. Continue reading

Battle In Your Body: Avoid Seasonal Allergies

pollen invader3I can hear it in my office.  Can you hear it in yours?

It’s that awkward silence after a co-worker has sneezed for the hundredth time and no one around them has the energy to say, “bless you” (again).

Heralded by sneezes and sniffles, the sounds of allergy season are here.  Continue reading