The Edge of Less Stress

The-Edge-of-Less-StressClose your eyes and for a moment and take an imaginary ride with me.

Imagine you are in a roller coaster perched at the edge of the first big drop. You sit back in your seat and feel the harness strapped securely around you. All you can see before you is blue sky. Sitting in your imaginary coaster car, look around. What do you see? While some people have their eyes squeezed shut as they white knuckle the bar in front, others have their hands in the air grinning like a dog with a juicy bone.

How about you? Is your stomach in knots? Are your muscles clenched? Can you hear your pulse racing in your head? Have you broken into a cold sweat?  What is your level of stress? Continue reading

How To Sleep Like A Hero


What is the one thing that can make you slimmer, healthier, smarter, better-looking and even super human without ever lifting a finger?


Like an awesome red cape that protects us from disease, chaos, and bad choices, sleep effects the way we look, feel, perform and impacts our quality of life. Continually not getting enough effects our quality of life, impairs judgment, decreases productivity, shortens memory and in short, makes us unpleasant to be around. Continue reading

Positive Body Image: What’s On Your Mind?

Blank notepad with red heart on wood backgroundSummer is almost here and with a rise in temperature comes weekends on the water, nights at the ball field, and tan lines. A season typically known for its carefree vibe, the warm summer sunshine has a way of lifting spirits even after the gloomiest winters.

The increase in heat also means a decrease in clothing. Shorts, tank-tops, and swimsuits are commonplace come summertime, and while they are a great way to keep cool, baring even modest amounts of skin can leave some feeling overexposed, anxious, and self conscious. Continue reading

Battle In Your Body: Avoid Seasonal Allergies

pollen invader3I can hear it in my office.  Can you hear it in yours?

It’s that awkward silence after a co-worker has sneezed for the hundredth time and no one around them has the energy to say, “bless you” (again).

Heralded by sneezes and sniffles, the sounds of allergy season are here.  Continue reading

On Temptation: To Succeed, Prepare For The Worst

Flower choc cupcake

What is your kryptonite?

If you’re overconfident in your ability to make healthy choices, your compliance could suffer. You might wonder how that can be. Isn’t confidence a good thing? Yes . . . to a point. We all have weaknesses. Failing to acknowledge them could lead to blind spots. Temptation is easier to manage when you’re honest about what you can and cannot handle.

Here are some suggestions for practicing humility and productive pessimism: Continue reading

The Health Halo and How You’re Sabotaging Your Fitness Progress


Here’s an interesting paradox: people who eat at Subway tend to consume more calories than people who eat at McDonald’s. How can that be? You’ll find out soon enough. If you want to stick with a healthy lifestyle, then you need to get out of your own way. Here are five surprising ways you’re sabotaging your fitness progress.
Continue reading

5 Surprising Benefits of Exercising with Your Partner

being together picValentine’s Day may be a distant memory but relationships don’t bide by a calendar. Who says dating has to involve food and drinks? Active dates will help you grow closer to your partner and a walk in the park can be just as rewarding as time in a fancy restaurant. Need more convincing? Check out these five surprising benefits of exercising with your partner. I’ll also share four practical considerations to help you get started. Continue reading